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In need of boys size 3t jeans and cloths. Plus shoes size 9 &11. Also any 6-12 month baby boy cloths, shoes, etc. Also looking for a booster car seat for my 3 year old. I'm a single mother of three amazing little boys, my boyfriend passed away in November, suddenly without notice of any sickness or anything. My life has not been the same since. I am unable to prove for my boys and our bills, i went from two incomes and having a life partner within a day! I'm still emotional, mentally, messed up and just lost. I cannotafford child care, although it is greatly needed! I am a hospice nurse but working as a clerk in a gas station making minimum wage and part time, not by choice. I just have not, emotionally and mentally, been able to return back to being a hospice nurse after everything that's happened recently. I work do hard, and as much as i can but i still isn't helping with getting everything paid. I put my boys before myself and donate/charity anytime i can. I'm always helping others in anyway i possibly can! Yes i am a strong independent single mother, that always has a smile nomatter how I'm feeling, help others even when i need help, I've always put everyone and everything before myself, asking for help is not something I'm good at or even know how to do because I've always been the helping hand but sometimes, those people are the ones the need the help the most! Anything will help, someone to help with a place for counseling for the loss of my boyfriend and just all around help. I've come to realize that i also need help with myself and life and need to get myself back to who i use to be. Trust me, I'm not here for a free ride, purple to feel sorry for me, I'm here because i truly, 100% know i need help! If anyone could in anyways, please let me know. I have no supportive family, nobody and everything is just too much right now! This is also a place for me to vent, hopefully, without any judgement against me. I went months, not answering my phone, didn't leave the house, wasn't able to be the mother and person i can be, want to be, and use to be. I just wish someone could understand what I'm going through, understand how I feel, think, and know that i cannot control this depression that takes over my every day tasks and life! I'm not here for sympathy or to really give anyone a sad story, but this is my life and had been since Brandon went into cardiac arrest, in September one day before his 29th birthday. He was in a coma for almost 2 months before passing in November. We still have over $6000 in funeral cost, have not been able to get him a memorial sight because i do not have the funds, to do so. Just between everything in life, I'm lost and a mess! If anyone could help in any way, please let me know. Even information on how to get help, helping to start a website to raise money for his funeral, memorial sight, and funds for us to recover and get back to our life as we once had. Nothing will bring Brandon back, no amount of help and/or money but to get him a memorial sight, i could go visit would be amazing and mean everything to me! A place to go and talk to him and know he has everything he deserved! He was a very hard working man, laid brick/masonry, a very hard worker, the best boyfriend/friend/man you could ever imagine having, a great dad and step dad to my two older boys, my 3 year old called him dad and still talks about him today. We all miss him more than any words could express! He ment the world to me, as i did to him, and when he died a big pay of myself did with him. If only i could really let people see and/or show them what we had and how amazing he was, i would. I'll never find another human being life him and i know that. I'm sorry to keep going on about it, but i need this, to vent, because i have nobody to talk to and it's killing me. So any help would be amazing, much appreciated,and loved! Again, it is very hard for me to ask for help oor even accept it but I've realized i need it and the boys deserve it! Sometimes the ones that are always there for others, help as much as they can, are always there for a hand, are the ones that need it the most! Sorry again for going on and on but i Judy have so many feelings and emotions that i need to express. Also i want any/all of my readers to feel like they know me, understand what I'm going through and hear my life story as it is today. Thank you, for taking the time read my post and listening! Much appreciated and loved!
Thank you and God bless,
Brandi Moore
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